Mini Candle Spell

Mini Candle Spell


This is a simple yet powerful spell!

A mini chime candle will be selected for your spell and dressed appropriately. It will be charged with your intentions and goals and prayed over while it burns on my altar. A paper petition containing your information and your request will be burned with the flame of the candle to help set the intentions in motion. The candle will be left to burn itself out. 

This spell typically lasts for about 2 hours. When it's done, any remaining wax drippings will be buried in the earth and you'll receive a photo of the spell via email. 

*This is a small and quick spell that is meant to give you an energy boost to help you achieve your goals. This is not an in-depth spell. If you need something that's bigger and more energy-intensive, I have other spells that would better fit your situation. 

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I am required by law to tell you that I offer these services for entertainment purposes only. My products and services are not meant to replace advice or treatment from a qualified medical professional.

While I have a very high success rate with my spells, I cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this spell. There are a ton of factors that can contribute to the ineffectiveness of this spell.

I will not perform a spell that is intended to hurt someone or eliminate a third party's free-will. 

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. If I find that, for whatever reason, I am not willing or able to perform work for you, you will receive a full refund for any incomplete work that you have paid for.

**I do not offer refunds for work that is complete. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please make sure you have read my Policies and Terms page. 

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