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New Year Forecast Tarot Reading

New Year Forecast Tarot Reading

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*This is a RECORDED VIDEO reading. It's an hour+ long.

Here's your forecast for the upcoming year!

If you're wondering what's coming up for you in 2022, here's your chance to get a preview. Find out what aspects of your life need the most attention this year, when to plan for big events, potential roadblocks to watch out for, and how to make this the best year it can be!

What to expect from this reading:
I'll pull a few cards that will outline your overall theme for the year. This gives you a message to keep in mind ALL year long, something you'll be dealing with often or something you should really focus your attention on. Then, I'll pull a couple of cards for each month and go over what this means for your month.

This whole reading will take about at least an hour (typically runs about 1:20), and it will be recorded on video. I'll email you a private link to watch your reading on YouTube (no one else can see it unless you share your link with them). I'll have timestamp links in the description of the video so you can easily jump to a specific month if you need to.


Please allow up to 10 business days for your reading to be completed. You'll receive an email with a link to a recorded video of your reading.

🎁 Buying this as a gift? Send me an email and let me know what the recipients details are! azilascauldron@gmail.com


ORDER BY DATES: If it's important to you that your reading is guaranteed to be done by a specific date (like if you want to receive it before New Years or if you're buying it as a Christmas gift for someone), please make sure you place your order by the dates listed below. Of course, I always do my best to get readings completed ASAP, but this is the best way to absolutely guarantee that your reading is done when you need it to be. 

To receive your reading before Christmas - order by December 12.
To receive your reading before New Years Eve - order by December 18.