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Home Cleansing & Protection Kit

Home Cleansing & Protection Kit

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This is the ultimate energy cleansing and protection kit for your home! It comes with everything you need to rid your home of negative energies and keep them away. 


Salt Protection Spell Candle- Uses the powerful protection power of salt to form a protective energy barrier around the area where it's burned.

Mini Sage Stick- The smoke of burning sage cleanses and purifies the air in the space where it's burned. Light the sage and waft the smoke through the entire house.

Palo Santo- "Holy Wood." The smoke of Palo Santo creates sacred space and raises vibrations. Plus, it has an incredibly pleasant smell! 

Black Salt- Absorbs negative energy. Place a small pile of it in the corners at the main entrance to your house. 

Smoky Quartz- Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy. Place near your front door, in the center of a room, or carry it on you.

All 5 items come in a boxed kit. Includes instructions for how to use each item in your kit.