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Empath's Charm Bag

Empath's Charm Bag

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A protection charm just for empaths!

If you have empathic abilities, you are especially receptive to the energies of others. While this is a very special gift to have, many empaths find it overwhelming. Being so open to all of the energies around you leaves you especially vulnerable to negativity, which can end up causing some pretty unpleasant effects. If you are an empath who struggles with things like anxiety, sadness, and exhaustion as a result of the negative energy you absorb, I made this charm just for you!

This charm will help you:
• Ward off any negative energy that you come into contact with so you don’t absorb it.
• Ward off “energy vampires,” which are people who have a tendency to suck the energy from others. Empaths are common targets for this.
• Soothe any anxiety or uneasiness that you feel as a result of your empathic abilities.
• USE your abilities in a way that does NOT affect you negatively (this part is achieved by a very special crystal that is GREAT for psychic protection and enhancing intuitive abilities).

To use this charm:
Keep it in your purse, in your backpack, at your desk. If you can’t keep it on you, make sure to store it in a place where you spend most of your time during the day.

The magic in this charm will fade out over time. Revive it by rubbing a bit of olive or castor oil on it (really, just a tiny bit!) and leaving it out under the full moon.