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Group Full Moon Spell Candle Service

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Next Service Scheduled For - Sunday, November 29


This is a group candle spell service. You will get your own devotional candle and written petition dedicated to your specific intentions. These will be burned on my altar (when the moon is full) in a group ritual.

I love group work because everyone's energy combines into one ritual, supporting each other's intentions. The greater the number of people participating, the more energy there is for the collective group to help manifest all of these #GOALS!


About this full moon:

The moon will be in the process of transitioning between Taurus and Gemini. This is a great time to focus on goals that involve communication with others and starting something new.


Required Info:
•Full name and date of birth (this information will be carved into your candle to tie you to the spell).
• A description of what your goal is for this ritual. What are you trying to manifest? Please be as specific as possible.

You can leave this information in the "notes" box on the checkout page. If you need more room, please send an email to azilascauldron@gmail.com