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Bad Vibe Killer | Anti-Negativity Herbal Bath Kit

Bad Vibe Killer | Anti-Negativity Herbal Bath Kit

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Bad Vibe Killer is an herbal bath additive that cleanses and washes away any negative energy that is attached to you. It clears "crossed" conditions (when negative energy is getting in your way or holding you down), lifts hexes and curses, releases energetic blockages, banishes "evil eye."

The kit includes:
Handmade Herbal Bath Additive (12oz)
Mini Spell Candle
Handmade Uncrossing Condition Oil (5ml)

Comes with an instruction sheet that explains exactly how to use the items in the kit.

Herbal Bath Ingredients: Epsom salt, blessed sea salt, dried hyssop, dried rosemary, dried rue, ground coffee beans. 

Handmade with love and BIG MAGIC! 🖤 

 *100% natural. Safe for sensitive skin! Contains absolutely NO artificial ingredients, fragrances, essential oils, or dyes. 



** I highly recommend following up with a protection spell after your bath! Clear the negative blockages, then protect against their return.
I suggest: Salt Protection Spell Candle