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Birthday Tarot Reading - 30 Minute Video

Birthday Tarot Reading - 30 Minute Video

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Birthdays are a great time to reflect on where we are in our lives, where we've been, and where we're going. This day marks a significant transition for us. Many of us use this day as a road marker for reaching goals we've set for ourselves. It's also an opportunity to set new goals and adjust old ones if necessary. This is the perfect time to reflect on who we are and how we're changing as time goes by.

If you're looking for some guidance during this transitional time in your life, this reading is perfect for you! 

This reading is approximately 30 minutes. It covers the following: 

  • Where you stand right now and where your current life path is leading you.

  • Your overall theme for the year ahead.

  • What to leave behind as you move forward.

  • Lessons you have (or should have) learned from the past.

  • What aspects of last year will be carrying over into next year (unfinished business).

  • What new things are coming up for you in this year of your life.

  • Goals to focus on accomplishing this year.

  • Advice and guidance for moving forward in the right direction.


Please allow up to 10 business days for your reading to be completed. You'll receive an email with a link to a recorded video of your reading.


🎁 Buying this as a gift? Send me an email and let me know what the recipients details are! azilascauldron@gmail.com