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Q&A - Love Spell Candle

Love Spell Candle


💗Love Spell Q&A💗

My Love Spell Candle is a bit unique. I say that because it's not your typical "bring my ex back" or "make them love me" kind of spell. This one is designed to bring you the love that's RIGHT for you.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions I get about this Spell Candle.

✦ Will this work on a specific person?
Possibly, but not likely. This is designed to attract the love that's right for you. If you're interested in someone who isn't interested back, that's not the right love for you. It WILL, however, bring you someone who will make you forget all about the person you're chasing 😉

✦ I'm in an unhappy marriage. Will this bring me Mr(s). Right?
Yes, it absolutely will. But leave your marriage and get that situation sorted out before you use this... for obvious reasons.

✦ Will this work for same-sex relationships?
Absolutely! This brings you the love that's RIGHT for YOU.

✦ Could this help me fix my existing relationship?
It sure could. Sometimes, even the RIGHT love might need a little help. If that's the case, you can use this to help restore a "spark" that might be fizzing out. Fair warning, though... this won't help you much if you're trying to save a relationship that you should be running from instead.


Do you have a question about Love Spell Candles that wasn't listed here? Leave me a comment below and I'd be happy to answer it for you!


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