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Don't Panic - Mercury Retrograde Edition


Let’s talk about Mercury Retrograde.

This probably isn’t news to you, but we’re well into Mercury’s last retrograde period of 2020. We’re two weeks down and one left to go.

So… how are you doing so far? Several of you expressed serious worry about the retrograde this time around (way more than usual). It’s been the topic of lots of Manifestation Monday requests, and many of you have even booked readings just to get one step ahead of any potential disaster that might occur during these three weeks. Given the heightened worry, I wanted to share a new perspective on Mercury Retrograde that might help you get through it a little easier (or, at least, fear it a little less).

For the sake of information, Mercury Retrograde is simply a period of time when the planet Mercury appears, from our perspective (Earth), to be moving in the opposite direction of its normal orbit. So from where we are, it appears to stop and move backward for a while before it returns back to normal. It’s not actually moving backward, it just looks like it from here.

According to the rules of astrology, Mercury influences some pretty important aspects of our lives. Communication, travel, and technology are some big ones. Physical coordination and humor are some others that aren’t quite as well-known and talked about. So, if Mercury rules these aspects of our lives, things can get kind of crazy in those areas during the retrograde.

This is a time full of miscommunications, misunderstandings, botched contracts, car troubles, cancelled plans, messed up orders, spilled coffees, lost reports, computer malfunctions, etc.

Even though it’s chaotic and inconvenient, I tend to welcome this retrograde with open arms. I know, I know. Just hear me out. Mercury Retrograde has important lessons for us to learn. When things go wrong in our lives during this time, that’s a hint that there was something wrong there to begin with. You see, the Retrograde isn’t causing chaos just to fuck with us. It’s exposing the weak links. It’s showing us where we need to focus a little extra energy and attention.

For example, the most common problem with this retrograde is communication issues. Say your boss misinterprets something you wrote in a text. Instead of chalking it up to the retrograde and dismissing the issue, lights and alarms should be going off in your head. Maybe you have a habit of being unclear on the regular. Maybe text isn’t the best way to communicate with your boss. Find the lesson in what happened and improve your methods. Again, this incident is showing you where the weaknesses are. It’s bringing to light the areas you need improvement on. 

The same goes for fights within relationships, because that’s another huge one. A huge blowout happens all of a sudden and it feels like it’s out of nowhere. Look a little deeper though, and you’ll probably find that what you fought about has always been an issue. You’ve probably just been pretending it’s not there.

I’ll go even further with another example -- car troubles! Your tire blows on your way to work. I’m willing to bet the tread was worn beyond reason. You’ve been neglecting the maintenance on your car and now the retrograde is here to make you pay for it. During this time, we’re pretty much being forced to look at the things we usually try to ignore.

I, for one, tend to value the lessons I learn during Mercury Retrograde. I always get hit in the areas that I already know I need to improve. Instead of treating it like a massive inconvenience, I treat it like a wake-up call and a shove in the right direction. As long as we take note of the lessons we can learn from this, we can use this as an opportunity to improve and grow.

So tell me, what lessons is Mercury Retrograde trying to teach you so far?

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