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I'm No Longer On Etsy

Azila's Cauldron started out on Etsy. I was on Etsy for a couple of years before I set up a website, and then I offered my items and services on both platforms for a handful of years after that.

Some of you are starting to notice that my Etsy shop has been closed for a while, and I've been getting questions about when I'll reopen it.

The truth is, I probably won't.

Etsy isn't what it used to be. I used to love it because it was a place for independent artists, crafters, and the like to sell their creations to customers who were looking for something that was handcrafted and unique. Lately, Etsy has been feeling a lot less "independent artist" and a lot more "money-hungry corporate." I've been feeling less and less at-home on that platform, and I don't really vibe with their business policies anymore.

Of course, no shade at all for those who do sell on Etsy! I still shop my favorite Etsy stores and always support small businesses on Etsy whenever possible. I just won't be selling on that platform anymore.

Lots of shops that have been on Etsy for years are now struggling to adapt to Etsy's rapidly changing policies. If you want to support your favorite Etsy sellers, please check to see if they have a website you can buy from instead of going through Etsy. Small businesses make more money when you buy from them directly vs Etsy charging six or seven different fees per sale. They'll be so thankful you did!

🖤 Azila

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