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How To: A Simple Manifestation Spell

Every single Monday, I hold a manifestation ritual in my workshop. I call for participants on social media to send me the wishes and goals they hope to manifest during the coming week, and I add them into my ritual. Not only does this help everyone get clear on what they want to accomplish for the week (#goals), but it actually helps to make it happen!

Manifestation is when an idea becomes reality. It’s when what you want actually shows up as a real thing in your life. Performing a manifestation ritual or spell can help you get super specific about what you want to manifest, and focus the right energies toward making it happen!

I wanted to share my manifestation ritual with you in case you’d like to try it for yourself. I adapted it slightly to be used on an individual level… I’m guessing you probably don’t need one that lasts all day and accommodates 80 different manifestations. This one is super simple and doesn’t require any crazy ingredients. You can do this anytime you want, it doesn’t have to be at the start of the week.

Things you need:

  • A white candle. It can be a tealight, a chime candle, a birthday candle, whatever. Just make sure it’s a fairly small one because it needs to burn all the way down.

  • A bay leaf. You probably have this in your spice rack, it’s commonly used in soups.

  • Pen and paper.

  • A stick of palo santo or any incense that’s made for blessings or manifestation. This one can be easily left out if you don’t have it.

  • A heat safe bowl. You’re going to be burning that paper! 



  1. Light your candle and your palo santo or incense (if you’re using any). 

  2. Write what you want to manifest on your paper. Be specific! Include as many details as you can, being vague will not help you here. Also, write it as a command. For example, “I am manifesting…” or “... is manifesting.” Don’t say “I want” or “I need.” Write it like it’s already happening.

  3. Take a moment to visualize your request coming true. Picture what your life will look like after this becomes reality. Imagine how you’ll feel. Take as little or as much time with this as you need.

  4. Pass your paper through the smoke of your palo santo or incense. This adds extra intention for blessings and abundance. It’s okay to skip this step if you didn’t have palo santo or incense.

  5. Place your bay leaf against the paper, facing the side with your request on it. CAREFULLY light the paper and the leaf with the flame of the candle. Light it from the corner that’s furthest away from your fingers. You can use tongs or long tweezers if you’re uncomfortable doing this with your bare hands. Once the edge is lit, drop it into the heat-safe bowl. Let it burn up.

  6. Allow your candle to burn completely down on its own. Once it goes out, scatter the ashes from the burned paper near your front doorstep (outside, not inside) and continue your day as if what you requested is already on the way!


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🖤 Azila

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