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Celebrating an Evolved Thanksgiving

It's no secret that Thanksgiving has atrocious origins. It's definitely not all peace, love, and light like we were taught in school. The celebration of Thanksgiving Day is becoming more and more controversial now that the true story of what went down is being told more openly, and rightfully so!

However, I believe there's something to be said for how the holiday and its traditions have developed over the years.

When you sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner with your family, what are you actually celebrating? You're probably celebrating the abundance you've received over the year, often represented in the form of a large feast. It's a festive time to express our gratitude for what we have and for who we have sitting at our table. I think it's safe to say that you're probably not celebrating the events of the past. And I think that's what truly matters. Despite what it started out as, or how much of the origin story was based on a lie, the intention behind it today makes it something completely different.

I definitely think that it's important to acknowledge the events of the past and the lies that history has told us (history as told by white people). You may or may not have noticed that November 26th has recently been declared Native American Heritage Day. But I don't think that honoring the truth of this history has to call for the cancellation of what Thanksgiving has become today.

As a child of both sides of this story, I use this time to honor the truth of what actually happened during the violent and disrespectful colonization of this land. I ALSO choose to honor what the Thanksgiving holiday has turned into over the passing of time. I think that we absolutely can do both. With that being said, I wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. May the seats at your table be full of loving people and may your cups be full of something worthy of a *cheers*

šŸ–¤ Azila

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