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A Thing About Love Spells...

I have this thing about love spells...

I dislike them. VERY MUCH.

Or, at least I dislike typical love spells.
"Come back to me,"
"Keep him faithful,"
"Get her to say yes after she turned me down,"
You know, THAT kind of thing.
It's the need to target someone specific that gets me.

Most love spells are designed to control the actions, thoughts, and feelings of someone else in order to get them to do what you want them to do. It targets someone specific and imposes upon their free will, robbing them of their own personal autonomy. AND because you're pretty much FORCING a situation that wasn't meant to be, that shit is going to crumble at your feet and leave you both miserable in the end.

If you want a love spell that'll actually do something GOOD for you, then you'll want to make sure that YOU are the target of the spell. Let me explain...

Instead of targeting someone else and dragging them into a situation that obviously wasn't right for anyone (lets be real... if it WERE right, you wouldn't have needed the love spell), a proper love spell should be working on YOU and your energy. There's a reason why you don't have the love you want in your life, and the process of attracting it starts with YOU.

The Love Spell Candles I create focus on shifting YOUR energy so you're attracting the love that's right for you. You know, instead of forcing you to settle for someone you have to put a spell on just to get them to be with you🤷‍♀️.

If you're ready to level up to a love spell that actually does something beneficial for you and start attracting the kind of love that's right for you, my Love Spell Candles are available over in the shop.

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