What Is Witchcraft?

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When someone asks me what I do, I usually tell them I'm a Witch and a Tarot reader. Most people know what Tarot is, but the 'Witch' part tends to confuse them. I often wonder if there's a better way to explain to people what I do. I consider a number of titles but none of them really fit. A Witch is what I am and witchcraft is what I do. But what is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is the art of using and manipulating energies so that they serve a specific purpose.

Energy is everywhere. Everyone and everything has it in some form or another. Being a Witch is learning to manipulate the energies that are already around you, and concentrate them toward your will. Here's another way to think of it:

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? It says that "like attracts like," or a person attracts whatever kinds of energies that they direct out into the world. Witchcraft is largely similar to this concept.

Many times, one of the first questions I get is, "Well, don't you worship the devil?"

The answer is no. Witchcraft is not a religion, it's a practice. It is a nature-based practice which works closely with the natural cycles of the earth, its seasons, and its moon.

Mine is a practice that has a deep respect for nature, life, energy, and spirit.

I spent a lot of years learning the art of witchcraft. The awesome thing about it is that literally anyone can do it! Energy manipulation, divination, Tarot reading, spells, enchantments, we all have the power within us! It just takes practice, will, focus, and persistence to learn the art of using energy to achieve a specific goal.

This is the best explanation I can offer you without writing you a book. There are many, many books written on the subject (and I don't expect you to read any of them), but I wanted to sum it all up because it's important to me that all of you have a basic idea of just what it is that I actually do.

What does witchcraft mean to you? What are some preconceived ideas you had about the practice? Leave a comment and let's discuss!