Manifestation Mondays

Manifestation Monday.jpg

I'd like to introduce you to something new here at The Cauldron... Manifestation Mondays!

What is it? Every Monday morning, I fire up my cauldron, light a few white candles, and pull out a few bay leaves. White candles represent manifestation and creation. Burning a bay leaf helps with manifesting wishes and goals.

I handwrite wishes on a piece of paper, ignite them with the flame of the white candle, and burn them in the cauldron along with bay leaf. Burning a request with bay leaf transforms it into a form of energy, sent out into the world for it to manifest.

Why Monday? For most of us, Monday kicks off the week. It's the perfect time to set intentions and goals for the coming week, and come up with a plan for how to "manifest" those goals. It starts the week off on a great note!

Does this REALLY work? YES! I do this all the time for my own goals and wishes. First of all, writing it down is a great way to get clear on what you really want. It's a way of announcing it to the universe that this is your goal, this is what you're working toward. Burning it in the flame of a candle releases your wish into the universe in the form of energy! When we release a certain kind of energy out into the world in this way, we attract similar kinds of energy back to us. When your wish is burned in the flame, you start attracting things and people that are going to help your wish manifest in your reality.

Who is this for? Anyone and everyone!

How do I participate? Make sure you're following me on Facebook or Instagram. Watch for my Manifestation Monday post.... it'll likely be up before most of you are even awake in the morning! Simply comment on that post with your name (first name only will do!) and your wish. I'll have the candles burning all day long, so if you don't get to it in the morning, that's ok. Last call for submissions will be around 7pm, and I'll wrap things up around 8.

How much does this cost? Nothing!

So, what would you like to manifest this Monday?

Happy Manifesting!