Coming Up This Week... Announcements, Scheduling, And Other Stuff

Okay, guys, I have some important info to share about the shop and what’s coming up next week!

First of all, I’m moving. I know, I KNOW. I’ve moved, like, ten times in the last couple of years. This one’s permanent though, I promise!

If you’ve been following me for a while or if you know me personally, I bet you’re totally rolling your eyes right about now. It’s for real though… we bought a house! All of this moving and bouncing around we’ve been doing for the last year and a half is finally coming to a glorious end. Even though the Sagittarius in me totally loves all the traveling we’ve been doing, I’m over it. Running a business and living like a nomad are two things that do NOT mix.

We get the keys to our new home on Wednesday, Oct 2. It’s about 4 hours away from where we currently are, and all of our stuff is in storage about two hours away in the opposite direction (loooong story). This means that moving is going to be a total beeyotch.

Here’s where the important stuff comes in:

I will be largely unavailable between October 2 - 6.

I’ve already set my Etsy shop to vacation mode and I’m not taking orders there for the time being. I’m still accepting orders through the shop on my website, but shipping will be delayed during moving week and I will be slower to respond to emails and inquiries than usual. Here’s how things are going to be affected:

Readings: I am not scheduling appointments for live readings during this week. Turnaround time on email readings may get pushed out a couple of days. I will still do my best to get all email readings done within the 7-day window. If I think your reading is going to be pushed out at all, I’ll reach out to you right away.

Shipping: My workshop and all of my inventory are getting packed up and moved, too. While unpacking and organizing my new workshop is the TOP priority, this will delay me a little in shipping out orders that come through during moving week.

Emails: I’ll still be checking emails regularly.

Everything should be COMPLETELY back to normal and back on schedule on Monday, October 7.

If you’re not already following me on Instagram, I would love it if you would! I’ll be posting stuff on my stories during moving week. I’m so excited about this happening (this is literally my dream come true), and I would be so honored if you would accompany me on this journey via social media! Following my IG is the best and quickest way to receive updates about what’s happening.

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I thank you all so incredibly much for your support! I will put together another post after moving week and share more!



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